No body is answering my tickets!!!

My account got locked out due to an issue with my e-mail service. The account username is yousifnet.

I urgently need access to my account. I have the right password for the account. I tried to reset the password for the account in an attempt to regain access. No e-mails were received and now I can’t log in because I will have to reset the password. The problem is that no e-mails are received for the activation code OR the e-mail reset link.

I opened 4 tickets for this issue. No one is answering me! What kind of support is this! It has been more than three hours. I can log in to the ticketing system. I receive confirmation messages that my tickets are registered in your ticketing system but no response. Do you have a phone number I can call? I need access to my account asap!

Please anyone have a look at my tickets. My tickets IDs are: 1242211, 1242267, 1242288, 1242354.

Awaiting your response…crying

For tickets response you can stay 2-3 days until you will get response. Depends the number of tickets that are open in that time.

Be paciente, they will solve it. No worry.

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Wait man. You need to wait few days. :slight_smile:

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Hi, please see this post:

and meanwhile, also please keep an eye on your Spam folder, sometimes emails go to spam folder by mistake or due to some email wrong routing.

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Thank you all for your response. I still have not heard back from support but I will wait. Zzzzz.

Two days now…still not receiving verification emails. I don’t have to reset my password as I am directed now to the account verification step but no email and no code.

support sent me a very quick message yesterday and poof they are gone. Does it have to be this painful to access my account?