Not Received Affiliate Earning



Today my client purchase item from themeforest using my referral url but still i cant received earning.

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Affiliate earnings are approved manually as i know. Be patient…


i think that your client already checked out themeforest before, so any waiting would be wasted time. don’t worry happened all of us before :confused:


You can re-check your earning again today and tomorrow. I think there will be no proble, with affiliate program.



Today i checked my balance but still not received affiliate amount.



Please reply what i do.


The affiliate tracking for you does not work:

  • If your client does not accept cookies in his browser
  • If your client clears the cookie cache automatically/manually
  • If your client has previously visited ThemeForest before going through your ref link


Thanks for pointing it but, well, that would be very hard, right? (manually validating all affiliate commissions)

A better & more lucrative affiliate scheme would bring more and more customers.


Yes client select item from themeforest after i sent him link with my referral URL and he purchase item.


I’m not sure but from my point of view someone (Envato) must approve financial transaction (Referral cut). Money is not on the Cloud :slight_smile: there must be some revision.


Your client has to register a new username with the referral URL and if he has already purchased any other theme, it won’t work. If he use the link - already registered, it won’t work

Referral system is only for the first purchase.
Also, it won’t take long for the update. Money goes to your account as well right away the purchase


Referral system is only for the first purchase?

if my client want to purchase another theme so what i do?


Not Received my affiliate earning,either!


first purchase only, try to not think any longer about it, its gone :frowning:
envato affiliate system is a bit like off-shore gold mining :smiley: not that easy as you might think it is


Thanks very much for your reply, friend.
No matter what, I think a far better Affiliate Scheme will bring tons of new promotion & sales to Envato.

Who doesn’t want an affiliate marketers army to promote their business?
Envato , we need this.
Envato’s affiliate scheme is really one of hardest to succeed.
It should be more attractive to NEW affiliate marketers.

As many has said to this day ; for example, Envato can share a very small percentage of EACH SALE’s profit with a referrer.

Please think about this, friends.


You have to (or she/he has to) create a new account with the referral URL.


And, a question… @KingDog
Let’s assume that we’Ve succeeded to bring a NEW user, to land them to this page…:

That counts as a referral if they signUp to a marketplace?
Thanks for your precious time and help.

Question about been an envato affiliate

I’m probably the last person on earth you want to ask affiliate questions to :smiley: The Help Team will be able to direct your question to the affiliate people, though. Thanks!


Sorry about that , Travis ; thanks very much :slight_smile:


99.9% it doesn’t count. Open that link in incognito window and see if the count of clickthroughs increases by 1. For me it doesn’t.