Not received affiliate earning.

one of my client purchased avada theme from my affiliate link. Link is
But my earning i showing 0. As I am new here no knowlede of there. So please help me to clear my confusion…

Your client has not purchased anything -

There is no badge that he has collect 1+ item

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But she told me that…she has purchased Avada theme from my link.

Oh sorry, my mistake. I have sent you a link to your profile :confused:

this is the link

This is your referral link right and not the client’s account?

The thing is that there are numerous other considerations as to how/if you earn from these links. e.g.

  • Has your client ever visited (not bought just visited) envato before?

  • Did they purchase during their first visit to the marketplace?

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The point is:

“For each new customer you refer to Envato Studio, you will earn 30% commission on their first purchase.”

If it is not a new customer, you will not get $.

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she is not new already registered…Before 1 year ago she purchased a theme.Today she bought avada theme from my link.

Well if she registered a year ago and especially if she has previously bought an item, then it doesn’t matter if she used your link or not - you wouldn’t earn anything.

They have to have never visited envato before

Oh…Then I got nothing…Little sad.

These links might help and

Thank you.
so many conditions I have seen.
isn’t tough for new comer?

I am not part of affiliates so can’t really comment but based on discussions we see here etc. it’s viewed as a quick earner where people don’t necessarily understand the required investment.

I’m sure there are easier ones out there but people shouldn’t forget Envato’s quite unique reach, the range of products etc.

However client ensured me , she didn’t use her old account to purchase avada theme. So what is the issues , I didn’t receive earning. As she created a new account from my link and purchased Avada theme.

It would be great if you share your disappointment at this Envato policy for affiliates on this thread here: <ALL Affiliates should read this> - Commissions for subsequent purchases