Where and how to access Affiliate account?


I have joined affiliate program of ThemeForest. I am not able to access my affiliate trackings and sale.
Can you please let me know where and how to access affiliate page.


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Hello @DarshanSaroya

Welcome to the forums! You may want to check:


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I checked it already. It just showing my referral URL and do and don’t.

I am asking about the page I can get how many transactions made through my referral link or how many reader come to buy product.


Hello @DarshanSaroya

For more information, you can check how does the Envato Market affiliate program work

Here is further information regarding the Envato Studio Affiliate Program

Envato Studio Affiliate Program


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Hi @DarshanSaroya,
Emile here from the affiliate team. Welcome to the affiliate program
Yes I agree with all the help suggestions here. You can check the the number of new customers and affiliate earnings generated on the ‘earnings’ tab under referrals

Hope that helps!



I have joined affiliate programme with ThemeForest via Become an Affiliate
https://themeforest.net/affiliate_program link. Here only I can find my
referral URL.
When I try to log in via https://studio.envato.com/affiliates it shows my
login details wrong. When I click forget the password, it shows details is
sent to your mail but no mail I found in my mailbox.

While I am able to access Envato account but there is no such option to
show affiliate related setting.

  • I have joined ThemeForest affiliate Programm not Envato Studio
    AffiliateProgram. My referral URL is
  • Now my query, where I can access it’s details.
  • Or can you provide me with the details about my affiliate account? I
    think it is better. If I have any earning than clear it so that I can go
    for Envato Studio Affiliate Program.



ANY update for my issue?

Go to your earnings page and change the dropdown at the top of the chart from sales to affiliates. That will show number of link clicks, number of people registered, number of deposits and total affiliate earnings.



Now I get it.

I am sorry but where is the affiliate dashboard ? I made some earnings, but there’s no dashboard link on dropdown menu. Can you capture where is it please ?

Go to your earnings page and change the dropdown from item sales to referrals. That will show total referrals, total signups, total deposits and your earnings. There will be additional details of individual payments on your statement page.

In case anyone still wondering where is the Earning page.

Hover your mouse over your username

Click Settings

The page contains tabs Dashboard, Profile, Followers Following etc…

The ‘Earning’ tab is located near the end.

It’s easy to miss because the page navigation is not very clear.

Hello dear, can anyone help me in any way?

I have a affiliate account on themeforest.net my affiliate link is https://themeforest.net/?ref=wplordthemes

But recently they change their affiliate privacy. They are create a impact type account for affiliate. That’s why, i can’t logging or find out my that account.

For your most special inform that i already a long time ago create my blog website with this affiliate link. I may be already sent more unique visitors and sold theme from themeforest through my visitors.

Now i want to get my previous this affiliate account.

Kindly help me to get back my account.

Now what should I do to get my account back?

I’m wanting for anyone’s valuable help.

Thank you

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Here is Envato market new affiliate program

Here is Envato youtube video how can you starting your affiliate marketing

For more information you can contact with (Envato Affiliates Team) affiliate support @emile_b or market.affiliates@envato.com

Best Regards.

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How about putting a link to your Affiliate Program. I had to come in here and search to find it. Why isn’t it in your footer or somewhere on the site?

And where is the log in page?