Affiliate Account

I have an affiliate account in this id. I also payout from this id. But I can’t login my affiliate id. Why? Tell me details.

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Do you know about this:
New Market affiliate program has launched!!


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Already I have an account. You suggest me I sign up this site?

Same email have any problem for sign up?

please can you tell some details what is going wrong there? have you already signup there or would like to signup. some more details so that we can understand.

okay. thanks for fast reply. have a good day.

would like to signup

try from here:

Okay. Thanks


Here is Envato market affiliate program

Here is Envato youtube video how can you starting your affiliate marketing

For more information you can contact with (Envato Affiliates Team) affiliate support @emile_b or

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Already Applied. What should I do now?

you have to wait for getting approval from envato affiiate team. you will get email from them.

Hi, my friend told me that he bought a theme in themeforest using my affiliate link but when I check on IMPACT dashboard I cannot find the list of how many people buy suing my link. I only see the number of clicks.

Please help. Thanks