"not meet the general commercial quality"

I demand an adequate assessment of the quality! Or detailed rules for the quality of music on Audiojugli. There are no standards for sound pressure (RMS), no form of music, nothing. Already one track, which was made according to my own standards, which was sold more than 200 times, was rejected due to quality.
There must be at least some explanation why!

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Hi without listening your work it will be harder to say to you why, but I check quickly your main work available here on AJ, and it’s been a while you didn’t upload (There’s nothing wrong with that), but the overall quality of the overall stock music market had increase a lot these last years so maybe this is the main reason you get rejected ? (I mean, not due to quality of composition or mix, but more about chosen sound etc)

Or also as the market is over saturated you send a genre that is already full !


My composition
A composition that is still on sale today.

Or also as the market is over saturated you send a genre that is already full !

How can that be an argument, compared to “corporate muted guitars”? :slight_smile:
And if there is a place for such an argument, let it be written into the rules. And how can you limit the buyer’s choice?

You have to authorize so I will be able to listen :slight_smile:

Well I’m not the one who make the rules, but this is how it works now and no matter the top corporate track in front page since 2012. In general, based on the recent experience from other author, now here on AJ, but on other places too, market are more and more picky and genre is also very important to make it pass. But if you did an electro swing too, I’m surprise because this is not an saturated genre !

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Oh! it’s my fault!

No worries !!

I had listen, so it’s just my point of view, only mine !
I would say that the composition is very good, but not linear enough for the purely stock approach, by which I mean that a lot of things are happening, a lot of transitions and SFX, I like it, but for a use of background music, or advertising is perhaps too much? Then I would say that there are some differences in volume level dynamics which further reduce the potential for use by customers. Good composition and good track but which lacks regularity and grip point for the customers ears and stock market!


I know English isn’t your first language, but you really shouldn’t “demand” to know why your track was rejected.

That said, your track sounds fine, listening on my phone. Good work. It should have been accepted.

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[quote=“Osynthw, post:6, topic:405806”]
but not linear enough for the purely stock approach
[/quote] Absolutely right! That is how the composition was conceived. Often, electro swing is used in extraordinary and comical situations. This requires accents, transitions and a variety of forms. For news, it is unlikely to be used. My compositions are used in games, YouTube, children’s TV channels, animation and movies. But most importantly, this composition is written in such a way that it can be edited situationally. I worked for 13 years on a TV channel. And I know the needs very well. But to find fault with the quality? … The audiojungle has been making money on my tracks for many years. What changed?
And by the way, I found a great example of using a similar form with 13 million views: Valve Song

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[quote=“EightBallAudio, post:7, topic:405806”]
I know English isn’t your first language, but you really shouldn’t “demand” to know why your track was rejected. [/quote]
My friend, I insist, I demand, I need. My indignation has a basis. If the tracks have already been in commercial advertising and on the air of national TV channels, then they have already passed the quality control! And the audiojungle think otherwise. With a limited amount of material to be fed, this becomes doubly difficult.

And one more thing. Speaking of Envato’s analysis. The best sales, as you can see, do not depend on quality, but on price! Specially reduced prices to 5$ . And is that advice? Analysis?

And if you have access, then look at what price and how many times my compositions were bought. :wink:

@Cosmorot believe me, you’re not the first one, who is asking for rejection reasons here. For fututre work we can try to give you some tips and hints and we can tell you our opinion about your music.
But the decision of the reviewer is made. He has decided, for whatever reason, that your work will not fit in the AJ portfolio, no matter if your track is played in TV. We cannot change this decision, even if we like or dislike your track. Every discussion based on that track, can only give you a possible direction for the future - if you want that. You should accept and respect the reviewers decision. Everyone of us has catched rejections. It happens all the time.

This generic message from AJ in case of a rejection can be misleading sometimes. They mean the commercial potential of a track and not compelling the production quality.
Other libraries answer the author: “We have decided, that your track xyz is not a good fit to our library.” Period.Would that be more convincing to you? It is senseless to complain about the rejection, because you will never know the rejection reasons. Accept it and do a fresh start.

This may indicate incompetence. And without evaluation criteria, it is impossible to change the mistakes in the future. I would like to revise the reviewer’s decision!

but it’s only happening lately! 6 tracks in a row were rejected. And everyone has a quality problem? Nothing has changed since the sale of my compositions.

I am not sure @Cosmorot, what do you want to hear from us? Do you want to hear:“Hell, the reviewer was totally wrong!” And then? Do you need a kind of affirmation?
Honestly I don’t like people who asking for a review and advice, and when it is given, then for every point of criticism is an explanation. If you know everything better - good luck.

I don’t know about the reasons. But it’s their decision. That’s how the stock music market works.

[quote=“Daydreamz-Studios, post:14, topic:405806”]
Honestly I don’t like people who asking for a review and advice, and when it is given, then for every point of criticism is an explanation. [/quote]
If there was constructive criticism, I would only be happy! But they don’t hear me. If there are criteria for assessing quality, then they should be in the rules. And if this or that product does not violate the current rules, then what guides the reviewers? And before there was a normal feedback! I received letters from support, I could correct the comments.
My claim is not to you personally!

Before attacking other authors who, like you, sometimes suffer unjustified rejections, take your anger directly to envato support.

Again, they do not mean the production quality generally. They mean the commercial potential of a track.
It could also be the reason, that they made the decision for a specific genre, not to accept new tracks (maybe they feel, it’s outdated, oversaturated or whatever).
They can decide, whatever they want. And they don’t need to explain in long letters, why and what they decide. Other libraries work in the same way.
The upload rules describe only the technical criteria to get a track accepted.
The review, made by a person, has always subjective components. I can imagine, that there are only some hard-fact-rules, like “no clipping”. All other criteria are subjective. It can be, that a track get accepted, where the production quality is on the lower edge, but the mood of the track is extraordinary and is giving the track a high commercial potential.

Imagine, you’re on a super store and try to sell a big charge of pumpkins to an intermediary. But he decide to by the pumpkins from your neighbor. What would you do? Would you discuss with the intermediary, that his decision was wrong and your pumpkins are way better? And what will you do, if he sticks to his decision?

The irony is that - some tracks (not in electroswing style) that were not accepted I renamed and they were allowed. This suggests that the reviewers operate with subjective criteria. :wink: That’s the problem.

You know this is not allowed and can result in you getting your author account suspended?

Of course it’s subjective…

I don’t think it is a problem, it is how it works.
Imagine, you are responsible as a manager for a warehouse for it’s portfolio in the menswear department. You get thousands of offers and samples from the suppliers but you also have only 200 square meters sales area. Now you have to decide, which of the suppliers will get a chance to sell on your space.
Are you sure, that you will make your decisions based on objective hard facts, based on a list of criterias and that you will suppress your personal sense for fashion and your sense for “Will it sell?” Are you really sure? No? Welcome to reality.

The same is valid for a painting artist. He put’s all his creativity in his picture and paint a big blue circle in the middle of the canvas and is very proud of his very expressive cretivity. He can imagine all the nicest things, if he’s watching his own picture and put the picture on a wall in his gallery.
Then an art critic visits the gallery an says:" Hell, how ugly is that!". Do you think, his criticism is based on hard facts? No, it isn’t. But the judgement of the art critic is made. he made his decision based on his impression, his feelings and his experience.
And the painter asks now:“Hey, why do you dislike my very nice picture? The circle is perfectly round and it sits perfectly in the middle. I was following all the geometrical rules. And the blue is so shining. I sold another picture with a square and the same blue.”
And the art critic says:“I cannot exactly explain, why. I believe you, that you have succesfuld sold another picture. But for this one… I don’t get a convincing feel, if I watch it. It doesn’t touch me.”
And this is also only a subjective judgement.

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