Got rejected for commercial quality standard and now asking for advice

Hi everyone,

I’m new to selling stock music but I’ve been long time user of stock music for TV production as an video editor. My first upload got rejected and now I’m working on a second track and I’m not sure if something like this will pass. Please give me some feedback, comments or hints on things I need to work on.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi there.Too many issues with this track.First of all.Everything is way too convoluted in order to be classified as commercial music.Too many parts, too many chords, Too many melodies( not so good performed aswell). When it comes to real instruments you need to be really careful with the performing and the production in order to give them credibility.All of these combined, the poor selection of instruments, the not so edgy chord progression leaded to rejection.Try something simple, groovy and up to date, unless is a deliberate choice of retro funk. ( which you aimed to ,but it lacks the elements of authenticity). Hope that helps. Cheers.

Thank you for listening and commenting. I really appreciate it.

One question, does music on audiojungle have to be commercial and “simple” to be accepted?

As you probably know, when your track was rejected it was specified that it does not meet the commercial quality.So yes.What commercial quality means, that is a longer discussion.It does not necessary needs to be immature and over simplified.But everything needs to work together in a synergical way so it forms cohesivity and emotion.Some authors need 100 tracks in order to express themselves, other authors need 4.

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Thank you again. This track wasn’t rejected. This is just a mockup of an upcoming new song. I was just wondering in what direction I need to go and your answer was very helpful. I also read some of you older comments in different threads… it seems you know what’s the deal here.

Thank you!

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Hi, I think its a great song and it could be approved.
The mix for me is kind of outdated? something, it doesn’t feel so much glued together
is it mastered?
for me the brass is quite monophonic and a bit low in volume while the piano is overly stereo and loud

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Thank you for your kind words. This tune is not finished yet. It’s something I’m still working on. It is too complex, and doesn’t have a clear leading line. As far as the mastering is concerned it was just raised to -14dbfs. I didn’t do anything else so far.

It’s not just that the mix is outdated but the whole song is just live instruments and no modern sounds or feel to it. But it’s something I realy love and I understand that I must fight that to be accepted here.

I just wanted to find some direction from you experts.


Oh, and I checked the meme thread… Everything is much clearer now. :slight_smile:


ok, there is indeed competition and the kind Reviewer’s judgment.

But I find it nice with a nicer mix and master