Rejected Item - Don't meet commercial requirement

hi Everyone, first poster. hope you are all doing well :slight_smile:

I got rejected recently from the Audiojungle with this as feedback “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

Would love to get some feedback if possible. thank you :slight_smile:


You will probably get more help if you upload the track to Soundcloud and post a link here.

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Hey JLJMusic

I uploaded the track in the post above. Does it not come up? Do let me know


Access limited

Oh yep, ive update it :).


You make music that is really good, but not good enough for a background music.

I may not be an expert, but here’s my advice: make it simpler, don’t change the rhythm or tempo, reduce the melody notes that are too prominent, and do not have too many parts, try to make simple thematic music with developments in it, because the audiojungle looks for music as background not for the main element in a video.

I hope this helps :smiley:


I agree with @Alfeus_Aditya. The track itself is great, but it structured like it was created for a specific audiovisual work by request, witch it shouldn’t be. A track has to be applicable for general-purpouse use in typical media content.

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I would say maybe the melody might be to much in front, and simplifuing the end…But still a good track !

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The errors in this track are frequency balance and stereo space. I created a video for you, where your track is analyzed. Download and view at the link track analysis
This is a zip archive. Read the file “Read Me”. When viewing in a browser, press the CC-player button to read the titers.
Good luck.

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wow everyone, so blown away by the responses everyone has given me. really appreciate the time you all took to just listen and give your feedback. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

New reject : “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.” Please help me? why rejected? I don’t catch it yet.

@AlexForester Oh boy, there’s a lot you need to improve (in my opinion):

  • the song structure is very basic, nearly no evolution
  • the chosen instruments do not fit together
  • your mix is dull, has too much nearly resonating level in the mid range
  • that break (or whatever) at 00:34 with the cymbal swell is to short, needs to be 1 bar long to make sense
  • you try to do a sound change in the melody at 00:52 - but in the end you’ve chosen a very similar sound
  • your bassline is not really a bassline - it’s playing boring 1/4 notes the whole song
  • I strongly missed drums and percussion
  • the palm muted guitar pattern is boring
  • your strummed Guitar is out of beat sometimes
  • your song reminds me to the main melody from the movie “My name is nobody” Ennio Morricone - My Name is Nobody - Main Theme - (High Quality Audio) HD - YouTube
  • You called that song “More Than Inspiration” - think about the sense of this title please. Ask yourself, what is more than inspiring on this song.

But that’s only my opinion. It sounds surely hard in your ears, I can understand that. But please don’t take it as a personal thing. I know, it’s hard to get a song rejected and earning some following criticism.
But there’s no other way to improve the work.

Take your time. Hear the items of successful composers and compare it with your work. Learn from them, but don’t try to copy them.

Good luck.and best wishes.


Agree with @Daydreamz-Studios
The song needs a stronger foundation such as drums, percussion, rhythm. If you don’t want the drums in it, make the music more ambient.

Instead of changing melodies, it is better to choose a theme melody and then develop it.

Best selling items are good examples to study. All we’ve experienced being rejected, good start for you, never give up!

Thank so much for Your Help, Friend!!!

Thank You very much for useful remarks !!!