Song rejected for commercial quality, help?

Message from Envato: “Despite several original ideas here, this item does not quite meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle. For this reason we won’t be able to approve it, regrettably.”
Need guidance, here is the music (video created after the fact as not able to upload the music in the forum) just loaded to YouTube: The submitted song

From all you experts, need help with what should change to meet the “commercial quality” criteria. Thank you in advance for insights and assistance. It’s hard, to work so many weeks on a first submission, to have it rejected. Help? :pleading_face:


The song is really great and catchy. I don’t quite understand AJ’s policy here, however I am assuming they don’t license ‘songs’ per se (if that makes any sense) They take stock background music. Have you tried resubmitting this without the vocals and maybe try to shorten it
Maybe arrangement can go (intro - verse - chorus - outro) so it stays in the 2 minute range.

Those are just spontaneous ideas, it’s really unfortunate to see such a good composition go to waste :confused:

Best of luck!

Thank you, RedLeafMusic! Very kind of you to assist, and thank you for the compliment :blush: I think that is a great idea about instrumental only. In the zip file, we did have an instrumental only version, almost exactly as you suggested, but since the “song” was really a song with vocals, it likely was the focus of the reviewers. Will likely resubmit with some tweaks, just instrumental. Thank you for the inspiration! :smiley:

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No problem! Keep up the good work :wink: