Rejected. Need feedback. "does not meet the general commercial quality standard"

Is it really that bad?

Especially when tracks like this one have 14k sales.

Have nothing against the author, he did a great track. But those cheap generic samples…

My track is basically the same thing structurally, but slower and doesn’t have violins arpeggios. At this point I don’t even know what to think about the real reason why my track got rejected.

P.S.: “does not meet the general commercial quality standard” is NOT a real answer.

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Your track doesn’t sound bad at all. But the track you are referencing is 5 years old. The threshold for getting tracks accepted has increased since then, and there has probably been added thousands of similar tracks.

This could be one reason.

Oh come on. AJ is filled with generic commercial music and most of track are almost exactly the same. Never saw anyone saying that AJ is encouraging people to be very creative and original. It was always about “make popular stuff so we both can make money”.

Great, carry on then :ok_hand:

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That’s not an answer.

The response you got from the reviewers is only a generic response everyone gets.
I honestly think they get 100s of similar tracks in this style each week, and they can’t accept them all. They have to choose the tracks they think is best and/or have most commercial value.If your track had been reviewed on a different day or by a different reviewer, maybe it would have been accepted. I dont know and no one else, except the reviewer, knows.
In my opinion authors should try to make music that have some «unique» and personal elements and not try to copy tracks that sells. I think then there’s a better chance of having your music accepted and then sold.


One thing to remember is that AJ’s standards have gotten stricter over the years but they keep the stuff that was approved in the beginning. I started 6 years ago and some of my tracks are pretty cheesy sounding. Also remember that overall sound quality doesn’t always = massive sales. That’s why some tracks like the one you quoted have a lot even with cheap samples. People are attracted to best selling tracks so momentum just snowballs, or they could also be advertising a lot. You never know.

Your track sounds fine to me although I think some the buzzy low delayed kick drum sample might have just been too out of place for the reviewer.

Ok, thanks, I get it. But still, it’s kinda obscure/vague. Why they don’t have some kind of lists of “gaps” in their library which need to be filled? Like “we need more jazzy tracks with trombones and guitars”. Right now it’s “oh, you have a nice dramatic orchestra… REJECTED AHAHA!”.

Well, yes, I can see it everywhere. Kinda frustrating.

It’s gated piano with distortion and low pass filter :frowning_face:

I guess its because they don’t need to. There no shortage of submissions, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a more curated library in my opinion. But it appears Audiojungle is not that kind of library.

Well, I think I’ll go somewhere else then. Thanks for replies.

I listened to it on laptop speakers, so bear with me. But yeah, that sort of tone is kind of risky for this sort of site. It is unique but might stick out too much.

Well, now it’s even more complicated. Tracks must be unique, but “not too much”? Anyway, I get it now - AJ approval criteria is fubar. Thank you.

Exactly. It’s the same issue when you get in the world of working with music supervisors for TV shows and trailers. They want it to be X but not too X, and also plenty of Y but don’t go overboard. It’s all about walking the fine line of aesthetics.

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