Not just a rejection - a ridicules one!

Hi guys,

Can you please help me understand why an item of mine was rejected?
It seems unfair and I am very angry.
I received this in the rejection email:
“Animated still photos don’t qualify as Motion Graphics.”
This is the item.

I understand that my item is composed of animated photos (and much more),
but there is currently no appropriate category for these kinds of products.

More annoying is that there are (beautiful) items in the same category – created the same way
my item was created – that are currently selling:


And many many more…

And what is really outrageous is that I submitted the EXACT SAME ITEM
2 weeks ago in HD format and it was APPROVED!
Yes! This item is the same item, only in HD version.

I realize that I might be shooting myself in the leg by complaining about this here,
but I want an explanation.

As far as I know, envato could:

  1. Remove my already approved item and cover up their mistake…
  2. Approve my item (which is clearly for creative purposes).
  3. Do nothing…

If there was a category specifically for textures,
I suppose my item would be approved without a problem…

What do you think i should do?

Hi. If the other examples you mentioned were approved, yours should be approved too. Upload it again with a message to the reviewer explaining that you already have this same item approved, and you are just uploading it with different resolution.

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First you should mention to reviewer that you already have HD version approved.
It save reviewer time, it guaranties that you will get approved.


Maybe I’m missing something, but it looks that you wanted to upload the same project 2 times with only difference being higher resolution? For that purpose, I believe the correct way is to update the already existing approved project.

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So then he should get other explanation like “this is repeated item” or something like that - not answear like he got -> " *“Animated still photos don’t qualify as Motion Graphics."

In this case only reviewer can answer this question. Here you will get only quessing. ;]

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For stock footage and motion graphics category, it is allowed to have 2 different resolutions as 2 different items. As a 4K clip is more expensive as a FullHD clip, but a single item has no price tiers for different resolutions, this is how this problem is solved.

On other marketplaces, each item has different prices for SD, HD and 4K resolution, but this feature is not available on videohive- although often requested.


Hi thanks guy for the ideas!
I thought i can not re-post the item again
because in the rejection email it says:
“you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”
but i trust you guy , that you know better than me about this!
Thanks again!

Yes, like GoForMotion said, submit this and write in the “message to Reviewer” text box that this is the 4K Version of a previously approved item, and also put a link to the approved item.

If this information has been provided with the first upload it would have been approved, so it is okay to reupload.
However, don’t just reupload with other hard rejections because you think the decision was a mistake, this could get you in trouble. In this case, it is not :wink:


Thanks mate!