HI! I have had this item rejected. The thing is that I have a similar item at videohive and it goes rellay well. So I was wondering, why do you think this item was rejected?

Here I leave you a link to boths items.

ITEM APROVED: [link removed]


Every help or opinion is welcome!!
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Duplicating/replicating a video does not mean it will be accepted. Probably the reviewer may not have seen anything different in this video.

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Hi. It’s the same item but with color, maybe that was the reason for rejection. Besides, there are too many of these logos already on Videohive. You just added one more to your previous black and white version, that brings nothing new.


Thank you! I just repeted 2 animations the other 7 are new (liquid motion) but I see that maybe using the same logo or repeating those 2 animations it looks the same. Thank you for your help!


Approved is better one for me. The new one uses a lot of chip effects. The other thing is that quality of approved items rising every year. This is not rejected due to copy of last one.

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