Non-standard item rejections

Hello friends

I am a long time designer for stock agencies and have been creating content for Envato for a few months as well, but unfortunately none of my items have been approved so far. Despite all my efforts, they trash items directly the same day without any substantial explanation. Before, I always observed this situation with good intentions and thought that my designs were inadequate, but it is not so anymore. I don’t think all these refusals are fair and about the items, nor do I think I’m the only one who’s been subject to this. I will continue to produce content, but not only this. Many items on the website are being examined and I will act as necessary according to the research done. I will share information about the situation here in the future.

I would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts on all this with me.

Business card - out dated and generic design
Logo - Good idea but poor execution

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Clear comment, thanks

I disagree with every single thing u have mentioned … sorry about this

hi for me the “potential” reasons for the rejections are not at all the ones that u have been told by ki-themes, I highly disagree with this, to be honest. I believe that the cards are not “outdated” but clearly in an overseen style if u wanna knowhow I feel. The combination of colors, the shapes, the disposition and global style definitely inspire me a deja vu feeling. This is besides tastefully done overall but there are things lacking if u ask me and to some things that really must be redone. The main thing to be redone is the typo, as for me, there is a real disconnection between the font style and card style in one side and the fonts that u have used for the information which results in breaking a bit the harmony that u have created otherwise. Then, for the things really not ok, I am quite certain that the size of the font that u are using for the information is too small and I guess this is not superfluous to remind u off the fact that normally u should have no text with a size under 7 pt in any event. I have no doubt that this may impose real changes of the way your card is being organized, I maybe wrong but I really doubt so. Then,there is a lack finition the bullet with the website , even the logo they look a bit pasted there rather than composed and introducing some smooth shadows under would definitely help to have a better final product in the end … important thing also! the tagline of the logo as well as the function are failing to contrast enough with the background , the direct result is that there is less readability, there is a distorted hierarchy of information and a lack of exposure of some elements that look more like secondary information when they should be valued more in fact …

logo : as for me I like it much, I see no problem with the execution , personally but I see some things that may improve the item in the margin to be honest , including one that may be even more important then this but the way … let’s start with the mot major thing , consequently … for me the lines of the logo are a bit too thin, this provides an elegant look for sure but this probably makes the logo less attractive for marketplace purposes, not to mention that u have had trouble to a font really matching 100% with what u have as an illustration in terms of boldness and style. There was a good choice font wise but the boldness of the font slightly disconnects both text and illustration parts. Do not get me wrong this is still decent but this is not completely a perfect match if u wish … apart from this u have no tagline, not sure that they are 100% required or not but one thing is for sure , the introduction of a tagline would have helped u to have a better typo again, as the fact of having more variations, font combinations and a possible touch of originality would have further generated relief again so that the whole item would have been even more worked out

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You made a detailed comment, thanks. Everyone has different opinions, that’s why we’re here. Thoughts are precious and i usually care about them and nevertheless i will do what is right for me

pieces of advice are free in this case so they are worth taking into consideration and evaluating if u feel like doing or not , as any piece of advice by the way …