Envato rejected my item business card

Hi guys.
My item has been hard rejected and I want to know why, please help.
thank you very much

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i need your reply

It is too simple. Anyone can redo it in minutes.


hi this is not difficult to understand indeed … pls try to analyze what u have left in the main file … the logo is meant to be replaced and is more or less the only graphic design element out there apart from icons … so , to make it short , u have lines of text, a few rather plain icons and two thin lines left in the main zip file … how could it possibly be accepted? sorry I tell it in a bit colorful way for u to realize that u are miles away from the standards right now , since not only is the style too plain but in addition the item as a result of this has close to no potential at all to sell for that matter , so why accepting a file that u identify as having such a reduced selling capacity ? Besides, let’s face it, such item can be downloaded for free in the internet and I guess that would be hard to find some to pay for such a product. Its commercial potential is very limited also as it is very easy to redo without taking much time and without having ethereal graphic skills either … u haver to understand this, the thing for u to sell is to make sure that the purchasing base either identifies that they can save significant time out of buying or that they can offer definitely more advanced graphic design skills than they would normally do. The problem is that none is true here …IN addition, if the card is tastefully done, no doubt, the typo remains rather plain for here as in GR expectations in terms of typo are pretty high. this is felt as probably the main point here , no matter what is the category u belong to and where u are posting … at this stage the typo is sort of clean but also rather flat and same goes with the hierarchy owing to - apart from the lack of graphic deign that I pointed out - the typo is lacking variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality so that u can ultimately generate more relief indeed … otherwise, the logo side is really really empty , u may wander if this is really worth the drive having one to have to very little thing inside , so to speak … finally also make sure that all is properly arranged all the way , pls keep in mind that this is both a template and a corporate item , in other words, u are expected to arrange everything as perfectly as possible … at the moment , the alignment of the logo and website is not done the right way vertically speaking

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or maybe even less in this case as the logo is not included …

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If you know a source for teaching or explaining the difference between simple and minimal, please introduce it

thank you very much

Thank you for taking the time and giving a detailed explanation.
Just a question in my mind, what is the difference between simple design and minimal design?
I wanted to design a minimal, but apparently did not achieve my goal.

I saw a lot of minimal (maybe simple) business cards in envato, what is the reason for their acceptance?

well for me this is the same , that is to say not a good idea, to make it short … let’s face it, if u contact a designer, what are u looking for? creativity more than any other thing … minimalistic things are most of the time not creative and they are most of the time inspiring deja vu feeling since they are simple and this is easier not to face originality if something is not that worked out … now, if u want a true answer though, to be more accurate, minimalist is supposed to be great no matter if u use close to no element while simple is just that u failed to make the minimalist thing look great lol. And for what u have seen, well, no doubt , but when were they accepted ? (maybe years ago at a time when the catalogue was not that large) this is the first question … and then it all depends on what we call “simple” as there is a feeling part in all this. Indeed , u cannot quantify … it will this vary according to people. For me, the “gauge” is having a look at what u include in the main file and u should try to evaluate if u feel like u would buy if u were the buyer … for me in the case of your card, this is clearly no … this is tastefully done as I mentioned but let’s face it , no one would save anytime out of buying and the card does not take ethereal skills from people to redo it so why buying and why accepting it?

Oh, I think I understood what you meant, but it was a philosophical one!
Thanks for the full explanation.
And I have another question, how many times did you mention the content of my main file, are you part of the envato evaluation team or not ?!

What were my mistakes in the main file? (Except card design)

no I am not because if I were I would not answer this type of question … (moderators could but they generally feel like that there are people better suited to answer those questions and they are not even completely part of Envato team so to speak as they are not being remunerated by them as for I understand). The content of the main file is very important , this is why it was mentioned many times. Figure this out, indeed, a buyer will try to have “money worth” , I guess this makes sense. Buying for too simple things or things that do not really makes save time is basically not that very attractive in a general way as I explained earlier on

Okay, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions

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