Hard rejected... Business card.

Business card is hardly rejected

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This design is way too generic. Envato requires unique & elegant design. And they maintain a design & quality standards. Your item does not meet that requirements.


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hi lol u have ever seen a and like this here? as for me , never …, u may not like it - what i may understand - but i think that saying that this is not at least original is a bit harsh if u ask me …

hi, as for me i like the fact that u really tried to bring something a bit new in your business card, however , if u ask me, there are many things that u need to fix or improve so that the card can potentially go through the quality control. I guess the main point is contrast and readability related , which is almost a bit the same as contrast issues bring necessarily readability and hierarchy issues in the end … As u may know contrast is not a small deal this is a basic design principle and as such this is something definitely not to mess with , this is the bottom line, since it will bring u into deeper collateral problems. Indeed, in this case, between the very small size of texts parts and the colors lacking contrast, the text end up being very difficult to read and actually turn out not to pop out at all … I guess this is tim for me to remind u of something. Of course, in your case, you are selling a design but design is not only about aesthetic, this is also about efficiency and functionality. The fact of the matter is that a business card is made to let other people know about personal information , but, if the concerned information are not much accessible or readable , well the business card is of no help whatsoever for the potential buyer and why would a reviewer accept a card that is synonymous with inefficient for the buyer side and this has close to no commercial potential at all in the end? I think u should think about it … at this stage personal information, so the real deal of the card , what is considered as the reason for a need of a business card is treated like a secondary / sideway information. U have to figure this is out. IN addition, apart from copyright issues regarding the use of social networks logo that may, alone, that must justify a rejection, , what is the purpose of having these logos if u do not give the address related to these accounts? Then , the organization of the card makes me think that u have no idea of what z-shape reading process is all about, that is to say the way the eyes sweep across any document , from top left to top right , then slanted way down to bottom left and to end bottom right … with a focus point in the middle of the canvas. I believe personally that scattering the information in all the corners like this is making them decrease impact and makes it difficult to find and read. The global style is also a bit generic , in this sense i agree with what “Theme land” mentioned. The marketplace has evolved greatly and bringing something to the table supposed to fit everyone is not really working anymore as far as i understand. Nowadays , your target must be clear , people need to know who u are addressing and u need to find niches unless u have your item drown in the midst of a large catalogue of already approved items. I also identify why u did just this but honestly the logo part of the logo side is not properly executed as the upper part of the “black bullet” is being crammed while the lower part looks pretty empty comparatively. The solution for u is either to decrease the logo gamely or , this is option 2, to move the whole elements inside a bit downwards that there is balance vertically inside the bullet. Finally icons are definitely too simple, they look like photoshop presets, which look like being not a goo idea in my view since it does not bring any additional value graphic design wise