Can any body help me why my designs hard rejected.

Hi everyone, I am new on envato market and is having hard time to figure out why my designs rejected. Can any body see and let me know what i did wrong on my designs.

This is a pretty generic design from 2010s. You won’t be able to get an approval with design approach
( It looks like it’s freebie )

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Hi, this business card not unique design, already have in marketplace,

hi, I assume that there would be no one to buy this template and this is difficult to reach a niche with this generic type design. Not to mention that such design can be found for free download over the internet. Otherwise, making a card for a “graphic designer” would imply that u bring much more originality and creativity to the table. This is what such a professional would try to sell and this would have to be reflected in the design of the card. It takes some coherence between the style of what u do and who are addressing (potential purchasing base). In addition, in the “logo” side, the C is not aligned properly inside the cercle and neither is “placeholder” by the way, but vertically this time. Pls keep in mind that this is a corporate item and that what u are expected to do priorly is to arrange everything perfectly in terms of alignment, spacing, and so on and so forth

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