item getting rejected

hi i have this item which got rejected and its a hard reject i created all of it by scratch mad sure typography was done right bleed and everything was according to envato guidelines yet its rejected if someone would explain why it will be really helpful thank you.

The mix of items in the set is a nice idea but presumably the flowers are not made from scratch and using stock vectors? The typography needs attention, and not sure the banner bottom right works with that much empty space

made from sratch though. what about typography if u ll elaborate lil more tha tll be really helpful thank u


  • Font choices are quite antiquated
  • Over use of caps

If the flowers etc were original then you could make a few variations in terms of colours, flower designs, etc

If you google “floral invitation” you will see the idea is not a new thing but the execution of the other items are well done/much more better compared to yours.

As @charlie4282 suggested, you’re on the good path but to be able to sell it on Envato, you will have to improve your skills a lot and it won’t be any time soon. You need to invest some time to understand the design techniques and practice a lot

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