my item got rejected

this gift card was my design and it got hard rejected. Please let me know what could have been done differently and what i can do to make it better for next items.

Doesn’t meet the required standards and quality, the design is too simple and less premium.

okay can u give me any suggestion on improving that please

You can increase your use of typography, and also the items in your design are too basic to even look like figures at first glance. But most importantly you have to pay attention to the basic points of the layout about the cards, you can see this section for more details Business Card Templates


Thank u

with pleasure :beers:

Thank you


Sorry I say you that you have errors typography and colors, your design is too basic.-

Thank you.-

what can be done for typography plz guide

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You can use fonts in for download any typography good letters.

Remember: you use link for download business card and too item.

can u Please explain me Remember: you use link for download business card and too item. a little bit more

you choose any font but good letter and professional

thank u

for the first sight it is very nice.

yeah but its rejected

Hi i wanted to know more about why my card has been rejected please can i get more details on it. Its 4th time my item in this category has been rejected plz can you guide
Thank you

Did you design and create the flowers/plants etc. from scratch or are they stock?

It looks like he copied some vectors from the internet and added a few lines of text. The vectors are not drawn in the same style and typography is poorly done.

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they are of stock vectors but i made changes in them

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okay didnt copy any vector i was sure to make them different and it ll be great if u can guide me about typography

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