My Invitation design is rejected. kindly help me to figure out what's wrong in this file.

hi to be honest , because I’d rather tell u the ugly truth so that u can evaluate where u are , at this stage u are miles away from standards in my view. The fact of the matter that no matter what - I mean if u have created the floral composition on your own or not - this is quite simple and minimalistic and , to tell u exactly how I feel , this is really too light at this stage. For a buyer to buy an item they have to feel like that they either save significant time or that they can offer a product that goes way beyond their personal skills and knowledge graphic design wise, the problem is that u have none here … besides, why paying for such an item when u can get things like this for free download in the internet and that , in addition, even the little that u have is far from perfect ? This substantially reduced the attraction of the file and thus the commercial potential of the item indeed. As foe the typo, which is a really major concern here, probably the most important one by the way , indeed, u are not anywhere close , too, maybe even farther if u ask me. For me, the combination of used fonts is not working, especially with this type of interlettering on top of all. I am also not sure , is this two flyer that u have here ? or is this a recto verso invitation? because if this is the second option, let’s face it, the thing is not convenient, as this implies that any invited person would have to turn the page around so that they can ultimately read it … The all title in all caps in the coupon, by the way is not super appropriate to say the least , at least in this typo … and u have many issues as regard to the hierarchy , in particular as far as the date goes, with is treated as sort of tertiary level of information , while it should be part of things popping out at the first glance … I would also add that for me this style looks a bit old all the same

Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate your generous response I learned many from your reply message I hope I can do best in future.


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no doubt that u will , u seem to have a positive attitude and be ready to get pieces of advice, so I see no reason why wu would not … :slight_smile: if u have enough clues as regard to what to do , pls check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: