Can not Approve my Unique Lovely Design, But why?

Hi There,
I am a Professional Graphic designer
I can not be successful in any way in the graphicriver,
Almost a lot of designs have been submitted,
But every time he says - it is not the quality standard required to move forward, and you will not be able to re-submit this item again. I can not understand whether there is any other problem that I do not know,
Is there any way to get success from here? then how?

hi buddy, if u really want us to try to help u , pls post your things and we will further comment and provide u with individualized feedback. U have to understand taht a lot of guys claim to be professional, make really greta job but get rejected and , honestly in most cases, when we see their works, there are a good lot of reasons for things not to be accepted …
for how long have u been graphic designer? and for how long did u join?
u have to identify that marketplace things and even freelance things are very different in a way as regard to the destination and there is a need to adapt to markets …

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Please See My Attachment & Give Me Some Ideal Suggestion
Its One of the most Trendy Item And Self Concept
Where is the problem? Also Hard Rejected


hi well for me this is definitely clean and pro in a general way and despite some things could be slightly improved i do not see what motivated reviewers into hard rejecting. but unlike what u said i would not call your item “trendy” as , as i mentioned this is clean and pro, but maybe they could expect you to introduce the extra originality that makes a difference, what u do not really have at this stage. this is clearly clean and rather modern, though there is also nothing kind of revolutionary about your item (do not take this personally , as a criticism pls, since this is not what this is). u may have to check about alignment as i am not sure that this is a visual effect due to adapting the mockup or not but it looks like that “your perfect …” title is not centered and that block under are not equallly spaced. If i were i would try to introduce a bit creativity in the font combinations and the typo in a general way , typo is something essential here and most of hard rejections are linked to this …

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With respect as @n2n44said this is not ‘trendy’.

Is it actualy an original design? It looks very suspiciously like it is based on or done by adapting another file or item?

Thanks a lot For your Valuable Feedback, But Let me know More Clear To from you for simple realise

Thanks a lot For your Valuable Feedback,

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