Can i submit this item for review or need any change? (Always face Hard Reject) :(

Dear Members,

Please tell me is this item is ready for upload to review? or need any change.

I always face hard rejection

Please help me via mail, or whatsapp +923219992007

Welcome to Envato. :slight_smile:

Your trying was great, but before resubmit this item make sure that,

  1. your design’s Typography is good.

  2. Every layers & folder are well organized.

  3. Proper guidelines include in the documentation file.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

hi this is good and trendy u can go ahead if they reject there is a problem when they accept many in the same trendy style , colors and everything on daily basis in addition u have an originality in the lay out which is not always what happens with some of the approved items …

Nothing approval yet… :frowning: