Why not approve the items I offer

Hello guys
Why the items I offer are not approved
I designed T-shirt and did all the required procedures required by me to submit the model. I designed the model with measurements of 4500 * 5400 in very high quality and you put the design on T-shirt and you provide high quality images
The project files were also placed within a ZIP file and the project file was in PNG format
After waiting for two days you received a rejection of the item where the item is full and does not lack anything
Why the item has not been approved since it’s full
Please help me

Every time I submit an item or design on graphicriver.net the item is rejected
Why did not I offer any item minus !!
All items submitted to graphicriver.net are complete and do not lack anything

I just put the image in PNG File
This is a picture of the files that have been submitted

If you want feedback you should hare example demo images of what you submitted

You don’t mention help documentation above? That is an absolute must inclusion without which you will definttely be rejected

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Thank you very much for your comment
I just put the image in PNG File
This is a picture of the files that have been submitted

But I put a complete summary of the details and help in describing this is not enough
Do I have to put a text file to help

This is a useful link with the necessary info https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821740-GraphicRiver-General-File-Preparation-Guidelines

It’s hard to tell from the image above as it’s small but if the design is simply a black t-shirt with a bullet imposed on it and no variations or premium styling/design work etc. then it’s almost certainly not enough

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you know what?

Envato moderators are too cool - they don’t tell you the truth because they cant - and here I am

truth is this thirt is not really nice

what is this? two bullets on thirt? are you for real ? and you start new topic for this?

and the title of this topic - why not approve what I offer

BECAUSE! maybe envato team reviewer have brain and he don’t accept “design” with two bullets - for me this thirt looks like rubbish

I have a lot of projects that I have submitted in the past and have not been approved
Regardless of this design I have a lot of different designs that I offer and have not been approved I do not know why

My friend
I give an idea of what’s going on with me!
If there is good talk you can say, you should say
If you do not have good words, you do not have to say bad words
Here is a community of creative designers and designers, the style of speech should be better than this
We are here to help me in order to help people who are actually helping out

There is no need to say anything that is not good
this design more than 3 hours work and you say rubbish !!! !!
Please stay away from this topic I want comments to help me

I will do it and I hope that it will be approved

because of what ? will you shoot me?

and 3 hours of work - this bullets is 3 hours of work? Really ?

Envato is full of people, I met here Mulisms, Jews… any kind of people

all of them are cool - maybe make something other design? maybe roses ? :slight_smile: not bullets

Instead of saying that, you had to help me !

I will

change bullets with something else

voila ! = you will earn money

after this words in my country you can loose your teeth :slight_smile: believe me, I am 120 kg man and I was visiting the prison - tough one but I felt in love with design, I really like it

anyway - are you ok? :slight_smile: do you need something? :slight_smile:

this kind of thing is not responsible for hard rejections normally unless he had been a serial maker and usually forgets about help file and so on …

i think that the idea is good, after that there maybe something to say as regard to how this is done or what is represented but in this case, why having bullets accepted in other items …

i think that what @novocaina tries to explain is that if i like the idea and the kind of L that u have , there is probably not enough elements so that people feel like this is a design on its own ,… they are probably looking for u to bring more effort to the table, making sort of a composition or something, play with fonts or texts, at this stage the item is sort of a bit flat due to the limited number of elements …