Please Feedback my rejected work

Hi guys, I’m a new Envato user.

Due to the quality standard, my item was rejected. Could you please explain the reason why my product was turned down? I’d also appreciate your opinion of it.

The design is outdated

Thank you for the comments. I’ll research trendy styles to see how I might get better.

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hi, u really have a problem with contrast , which implies a lot of issues as regard to other things, as well, such as readability, efficiency of the document , exposure, hierarchy of information and so on … look, what’s the point of having texts if they cannot be read …especially in such a corporate item context, where u are expected to arrange everything as properly and efficiently as possible , so that users have access to company information … apart from this, there is some work to do when it comes to white spaces, to the flagging of text in the page and of also as far as coherence goes when some texts are flagged in different ways in the same section of the trifold … (external part). Otherwise, this is hard to have sort of a deja vu feeling with what u have to offer here, insofar as much has already been used in countless other works, from shapes, to color combinations, type of used fonts and font combinations … finally it seems to that there is something wrong with the contact bullet , the text does not look properly aligned inside and this impacts the item negatively visually speaking, making it lose harmony , if u ask me

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Thank you for your feedback. Your suggestions and guidance will be very helpful to me when I do my next project.

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u should apply it to this one, according to my experience… as most of the people who say this end up doing the same mistakes in their next works , but it depends on u :slight_smile: