No Support

Last week I paid for Flex Mag - Responsive WordPress News Theme, and a full intallation ++

What I got does not even look like what I paid for. I have contacted MVPThemes support, but no answer.

I this normal? If so, I think I need a refund on this. I do not have time waiting many days for a simple answer.

Anyone knows?

They ar eone of the bigges tauthors and looking a thteir item page - they reply very very fast.

How long ago sid you contact their support?

When you say [quote=“LordK1981, post:1, topic:58419”]
What I got does not even look like what I paid for

Was the installation supposed to include demo content being imported? Could it be that they have installed the theme correctly but not uploaded sample data? What’s your web address?

Their page says support can take up to 1 business day - if you it has been noticeably longer than that then you could try item comments

I sendt them a message on their contact form 4 days ago :frowning:

I paid for this, and I got this

I understand that the pictures may not follow, but in the design there are 4 sets of spaces where there can be stories, but in mine there is only one.

And the responsive leaderboard is not there.