those of support do not respond to me.

Hello, I recently wanted to buy a song and I got in touch with those who sold the song and I asked them about their subject if they would help me with some things and they said yes.

After a few days I bought your theme, but when I installed the theme I received errors, I sent them a support message if they can help me install it, but until now they do not respond and they have two days, which I can do. In these cases, since I liked the subject a lot.

I leave images, thanks.

topic =


Please write comments going through theme details page then comments tab. and let them know that you have sent support request. So that they can be notified and can reply you very soon. and please wait for the reply and still no reply then you can think what to do next and if need we will give you guideline.

In the mean time you can rad documentation (included with your purchased) to see any support there about how to install.


They are almost two days that wrote support and they do not answer me the 3 messages that I gave them, thanks for your help right now I am writing to you in the comments of your topic.

“Sinrato - Electronics Theme for WooCommerce WordPress”
this one your concern purchased theme, right? I can’t see your commenys there in comments tab.

If I just did it right now here:

yes, now I can see your comments. Hope you will get theme Author reply very soon. theme Author will be very happy to Assist you to install the theme process. Thanks