Getting Support

Where the support at? you buy a theme with support and you have to wait 2 to 3 days for an answer. So, I have a Tower theme and I’ve e-mail support. I also followed “how to contact support”. They never read your full problem then you get some BS answer. and then you have to wait 3 or more days for another BS answer, Why pay for support when you do not get it at all ! If I knew this I would never ever bought the theme !

I think you can submit this issue to Envato helpdesk (or even initiate a refund request) if you have evidence (like screenshots, etc.) that seller doesn’t provide proper support of his items.

Just make sure that your questions can really be considered support questions. For example, if you can’t install or configure item because of lack of knowledge, it’s not covered by Envato support policy.

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I, do. I just don’t think it’s fair to sell something and you do not get proper support at all. I also feel they should if inform you what type of support you will receive.

Not sure it helps but support policy is here

By the way, what’s the advertised support time? If you click the Support tab on selected item, you will see a message like - This author’s response time can be up to XXX

Maybe they never advertised fast support and their response time is set to 3 days? If no, you have an advantage here because it means seller doesn’t provide support as advertised. But if their support time is 3 days, there’s little you can do…

Thank you, for all your help. The problem I have is we in this case “I” paid for support. And it’s not great. If you pay for it you should get it. I feel that I get lazy support the answers are not clear. They never read the full chain of e-mail or never take the time to really help.

If I knew this before I purchased the theme. I would never had bought it…