Where can I find support for the "Zoo" theme?



I am looking for some support for the “Zoo” theme. I paid extra for support but they have not answered any tickets that I have submitted. There is zero communication. I am wondering if I got ripped off for the extra money that I spent.


Hi @mjbenatar,

Welcome to the forums! You may need to wait for the answer a bit more, @webdingo declares response time to be up to 1 business day, however any support response may take slightly more on rare occasions.

It also depends on what kind of support you were hoping to receive. Not everything is included by default, even if you’ve decided to extend your support period:

If you need help with something that is beyond the standard support coverage, you may hire a professional from Envato Studio.



I am very disappointed with this theme “Zoo” and the support that I paid extra for. Support is non existent. They have never replied to any of my requests it has been three months. So how long do I have to wait? What do I have to do to get a refund? This is absolutely unacceptable business. I have been ripped off and I am not liking it one bit. I am not paying anyone from envato for support!


Hi @mjbenatar,

Please take a look at these two articles:

Hope this helps!



I have done all this and have got no response. NONE!