How many days for getting answer from support team?

I am new in the community and I am DESPERATE: I purchased a theme last Friday, since then I have not been able to use it (link outdated), and my account is locked. I haven’t heard from the support team for 5 days now, except on saturday with a template email saying that my request is being reviewed and someone will come back to me.
Meanwhile I am not able to use my blog. I really don’t know hoz to get updates from my tocket, there is no phone number or chat to get in touch directly with support team.
Does anyone know what is the normal timing to get a support from support team? And what is the maximun time for them to answer their customers?
Plus, do you think the “link is outdated” message when I try to upload the new theme in my wordpress is linked with the locked account in themeforest?
Thank you in advance!


Thanks for posting your question.Please, keep patience hope they will reply to you soon Envato hundred thousand people are roaming in it. lot’s of reply for support center they will open your ticket by serial.

Best Regards.