No Support

Purchased something that did not work.
Requested contact with reseller - no response
Requested support from Envato - no response
Requested support from ThemeForest - no response

Been about a week now and i am getting no where.
Anyone have any ideas or did I just throw money down the drain

How did you try and contact the author? Through their official support?

How did you request help from envato? What link?

What is the item?

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I used the contact form for contacting the Author through ThemeForest
Contact with Envato was through the official link. - got ticket numbers but no reponse on tickets

The item was: Noxious - Esport & Gaming Elementor Template kit

If you have purchased the item from Elements, it’s not supported by the item author.
If it’s direct purchase from ThemeForest, be patient. Most of authors are not available at the weekends as well as Envato support

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I do understand that mods are not available on weekends
However this has been an issue wince Wednesday
No replies from mails or support from Theme Forest or Envato

The average from Envato is around 5-6 working days as for the author, it depends on if they are on holiday or not.

What was the item and the problem?

I was not aware of the response times Thanks

The item was: Noxious - Esport & Gaming Elementor Template kit

What’s the problem?

Well the theme is only json files with nothing else that is not actually what i was looking for.
I submitted a refund with the dev… through the support channel.
After no response i decided to charge back. got my account locked with in seconds
cancelled the charge back immediately because now i was as my account is locked and i still want to get something that works.

and here sit. made a second account. bought a theme that i am actually getting support on and then this account that is locked and not knowing what is happening.

So basically i feel that I have thrown money away because there is no support response

What you have paid for was a template kit, not a theme. It’s normal that it contains only JSON file that you could import the details to your Elementor website.

The reason why you’re locked out due to “charge-back” issue as well as for the second account, too. The security measurements will be blocking you from now on to create and/or purchase a new item. You should’ve waited for Envato support for the refund process, if you were eligible ( You were not )

Again, the support is not available for 24/7 and takes time. By the time Envato responds you, you’d be probably getting the generic message that states " we have our rights to not to provide service to you " but it’s because of the charge-back issues.

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