No Dummy Demo content in my theme

I am at the end of my rope here, and not sure what to do.
I purchased a theme here (Salient) months ago and paid to have it installed over my Wordpress and the theme was missing bits.
I have even had a second person from the Envato pool have a go at it, and he tells me the same thing, parts are missing.

How can I go about getting the dummy demo content as i have posted in the themes forum with zero success.
Now I have no website for going on 2 months now.

Is there theme author able to assist? Does the documentation mention anything about dummy content? Is there a .XML file in the downloaded zip file?

Dummy content is optional. Usually there is mention in item description if they are included dummy content. So, read carefully about item description. If it was mentioned, and you not found in the downloaded zip file, you can ask to the author.

Didn’t know this! There ya go. I thought every theme had to have a way for the buyer to set it up exactly like the demo.

Go to support forums from them and get support for theme author.

It depends what you are looking for I.e. Demo layouts only or images also.

The item page says:

“One click demo install” allowing for all demos seen on the preview to be imported.

Most likely this is in the theme options panel and 99% sure otnisnexplained in the documentation.

if you are referring to images not being there then that is also correct. As it says on the item page “The sample images viewed in the live preview are for demo purposes only and are not included with your purchase”

Sadly, none of that is working, I have tried the One click demo install, but nothing changes on the page, no .XML file in the zip, nada!
So I paid someone to install it, its incomplete, and cannot get a reply from the author.