Having Trouble with Theme - No Response from creator

I’m having trouble installing the demo content on Baal, a theme I recently purchased. I followed all the instructions to a tee, yet all the pages are blank and none of the theme elements are available. I even reinstalled WordPress several times in an effort to get it working. Nothing works! I’m not extremely technical but I’ve been working with WordPress for many years, so I do get the basics.

What can I do? I just want to use what I purchased.

Edit: I should mention that all the images seem to upload, but the website is blank. See the attached image of what happens on the Home page. The first is the menu items, the 2nd is the Home page.

How long ago did you reach out to them?

Technciallyinstallation is not covered by support, although I would expect most authors would help.

How far did you get?

  • If you look in the WP admin under pages - are they there? Can you open these individually?
  • Is there example images etc. in the media library?

I reached out to them about a week ago. I know that installation isn’t covered, but this seems like a bug with the demo content more than anything?

I get 100% of the way through the installation of the theme and the demo content successfully, but then nothing shows up on the actual pages. All the pages and media are there, all the plug-ins are installed, the pages even have all the WP Bakery content on them… it just doesn’t show up when I go to the preview or the website, and a lot of the menu items are “#0 (No title)”

I just don’t understand :frowning: but I can’t use it this way.

You can see it here: http://www.hnmty.ca/wp
This after a successful instal of all the content.


I think the demo not imported correctly. You have to install the theme first then active then you have to install all theme bundle (recommendation) plugins then you have to import theme demo. theme author have mentioned they have ‘One-Click Demo Content Import’. So, demo import must have to work fine. Please also check theme documentation hope you will get support how to install, import, widgets settings and about theme options settings.


Yes I know all this, and that’s what I did. I installed the theme, then all the plug-ins, and then I imported the theme demo content. The theme tells me it installs successfully, but it doesn’t work. I read the documentation and following the exact steps (I did this 3 times!) I get the exact same result. No content can be displayed, though it is installed and visible in my WP dashboard…

It clearly isn’t correct, but I get no errors and I followed all the steps.


In this case please post a comments in theme comments page and let them know (using comments). If they not reply and don’t assist you to fix the issues then You can request a refund here.


I’ll do that, thank you!