Modern Elegance by Digitalcavalry missing file

Some time ago I purchased the Modern Elegance by Digitalcavalry theme for Wordpress, and tried to set it up like the demo page, but the zip file seems to be missing the demo.xml file.
Is there anyway I can get this so I can carry on with the installation and setup of my theme.
I have sent a message to Digitalcavalry, but to date I have not got a reply.
Can anyone help?

I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for but purchasing the service from the link below could give you another chance to get the demo data - I could check the theme and perform the installation with demo data if possible, in case of it fails, I could cancel the job and refund the payment

Hi ki-themes, thanks for the offer, but that wasnt really what I was after.
I have someone who is helping me with the install. But its just this file that seems to be missing, which would aid the install of the demo setup.

That is a very old item - are you sure that it ever came with the demo XML?

It is not mentioned anywhere in the description and back then not all themes did come with it.

It is quite an old item, yes.
Ok so do you think that this demo page has been set up manually within the various theme settings as opposed to having a demo file? This would probably explain why the file doesnt exist.

The author would have had to create the page before any dummy content/demos existed to be used or shared (that’s where the demo comes from).

That aside there is a reasonable chance with items 5 years old that they never created a content export. Demo content is not a requirement now and was definitely not back then.

The main reason I suspect that this is the case is that almost always authors mention dummy content in the item descriptions but in this case, they do not.