Dummy content vs full demo on the7.1 theme

I installed the7.1 several months ago thanks to a professional (my envato account was created later to purchase another theme). I currently wish to change the design of several pages, but I only have the “dummy compact” provided with the installation package.
The pages I am interested in are only in the full demo as available in your website (pages with tabs in “shortcodes” section for example). I don’t have account to download the full demo package, even if the professional was able to give me the Item Purchase code (I also have the bill if required).
Is there any way to retrieve the full demo in such a particular context ?
Note: I’m thinking about moving to the7.2 and so buy it, but later as I currently don’t have time to check compatibility and other issues related to this major update. So my request is for the7.1.

Thank you in advance.