NO answer from Envato Support.

I have submitted two tickets to Market.Envato support ticket numbers 1468237 & 1470257. I still have no answer. My client purchased the Avada theme and set my email address as the purchase email. I never received the “verify” email from themeforest and due to this i cannot download the purchase when i login to the account. When i go to “downloads” it offers to resend the email which i click and the email is never received in spam or otherwise. Oddly enough I am receiving emails of the ticket creations which are then never answered to the same email address.

PLEASE HELP!!! It is imperative we get this license so we can continue development!!!

You will have to wait for a response from Envato. It may take a while before they get back to you, so the best you can do until then is be patient and perhaps work on something else in the meantime :sweat_smile:

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How long should I expect to wait ? i submitted the ticket on the 8th

Our website home page has been down for TWO DAYS. He have submitted THREE support tickets. I have tried calling the main number. NO RESPONSE. Totally unacceptable. We are running a business and this type of service is completely not OK.

Envato are not the place to ask for item support. This needs to come via the author.

You should login using the account which purchased the item (assuming this does not refer to an elements file then you have no buyer badge on this account) ad contact the author.

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