2 Tickets Opened + 6 Emails, After I Purchased Support for Avada Theme...No Response from Support!

Can’t reach Envato Support. I purchased 6 months of Support for my 2 x Avada Themes…as I need to reach Theme Fusion Support…however, Envato Support is not writing back.

I did receive 2 x robot emails from envato though.

However, if I can’t reach Envato Support then I can’t open a ticket with Theme Fusion Support.

It’s very frustrating and I have 2 x projects on hold because we need Theme Fusion Support to reassign the licenses.

If anyone can reach Envato Support on our behalf, I would very much appreciate it.


It is weekend - probably you will get answers on Monday.

Hmm :thinking:

You shouldn’t need to contact Envato Support to get in touch with an author. In fact they won’t be able to help you with that, they’ll simply ask you to contact them yourself.

ThemeFusion has a support website, and an area where you can reset the licenses yourself: Login / Register - ThemeFusion | Avada Website Builder

There’s also the item’s comments section, the author’s profile page, and the “support” tab on the item that you can use to contact the author directly. Envato will take a week to respond so avoid contacting them unless necessary.

FYI posting additional replies to your Envato tickets will supposedly bump you back to the bottom of queue. Opening additional tickets will probably have the same effect when they merge them.