Waiting for a response to a email sent on 26th January and no response

Unable to purchase Avada theme without a 2FA 3447500. I sent this ticket on 26th January as I am unable to log in to my account without a 2FA. I havent ever set one up so no backup codes. I have supplied all the info Chris from Envato Help asked for …

Envato Username
• Full name on the account (first and last name)
• Current email address
• Billing address on the account
• Name of a recently purchased item
• Transaction ID from a recent purchase or adding credit
• Payment email address used for their most recent purchase
• Last 4 digits of credit card from a recent transaction

and 11 days later NOTHING!!!
I cant download a theme I am needing for a client and the support is absolutely shocking!

Not sure what else I can do? Hope someone here can help me get support from Envato to sign into my account.

It looks like your account is temporarily disabled - only Envato support will be able to help you therefor you just need to wait.

Do not create multiple support tickets but you can reply the current ticket#ID and request and update.

They finally got back to me after nearly 12 days of not being able to access my account. Please close the ticket and my account is not temporarily disabled … not sure where you got that from?

Your “profile page” should show some information, if it falls to 404 page, it means something is wrong.