NFTs and crypto anyone??

Hey fellow authors

Seems like there’re tons of new opportunities out there with cryptocurrencies, NFTS etc…
Where is Envato in all of this?

The Company has always been keen towards innovation, but I feel like she’s sleeping on the most important matter of this era…

Any news? Are you guys doing research on how to integrate NFTS or cripto payments in here?

When I asked 6 months ago I sounded like a weirdo, so I am re-asking it now since it’s becoming very mainstream.

The type of mainstream you can’t avoid, you know

Envato and NFTs are 2 worlds apart.
NFTs are normally rare, unique, exclusive and expensive…Envato policy instead is to sell as much as you can for the lowest price possible, and that’s the main reason why people buy from Envato and EE.
Imagine customers here looking at NFTs worth more than 1K…they’d be like "yeah but I can get unlimited downloads on EE for 30$…:joy:
No one who buys from Envato is interested in unique and expensive items.
How would they handle payments with cryptos?
I cant even send my EE money via bank transfer…:joy: