Is anyone looking for any customized solution for cryptocurrency/exchange/bot?


Greetings from Pixel apps! We are looking for ideas/requirements of envato customers in crypto domain.

We have an extensive knowledge in crypto space and have spent a considerable time in trading crypto’s on various exchanges. If any of you have any specific requirement then you can contact us.

We would be happy to help you.


I am looking now for one. O would like to have such a bot that would buy and sell cryptocurrency automatically when the price reaches the values I introduce. that would make my job of a trader much easier. I simply spend much time monitoring the prices and graphs not to lose the change to sell the cryptocurrency as expensive as it is possible. I trade on a very good cryptocurrency exchange and trading is my main income, I am not complaining, but this bot wold make my job twice easier and I would live like a god with good income and not much job.