Looking for NFT coder & web/graphic designer


I’m not sure this is the correct thread to post but hopefully someone can help.

We are working on our NFT Generative Collection that we want to launch on Ethereum Blockchain. Our collection will be made of 10000 different artworks.

Our artworks should be minted directly from the Website and then we should be able to list them on OpenSea or other platforms.

We are looking to get the Smart Contracts built and setup done.

Also looking for an artist / web designer.

The smart contract should:

  • Creating NFT’s and embedding of specific Metadata
  • Integration with the standard to be able to code in Royalties and allow the NFT Collection to be tradeable on Compatible Market Places.
  • User can do Minting from our Website
    -Variable number of Minting in a single transaction.

Any help would be great,

I’d strongly suggest looking on www.studio.envato.com that way you have some degree of official protection which you would otherwise not get on what will inevitably bit be a cheap and quite specialist project

Hi Charlie,
Nice to meet you.
I’m on Studio.Envato now but progress is slow as I have to individually search and contact. Is it possible to post for a job?


It’s not typically done that way round, unfortunately. Sorry

Ok, no problem. I’ll keep searching.