Envato's own NFT marketplace for its motion designers?

Greetings, everyone!
I just was dreaming of a new NFT marketplace created by Envato :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:. Not a secret, that we have huge state of supercreative and cool artists in our community. But today it is not profitable to create art or advanced animation here, cause stock motion graphics section is a bit different market. I always checking my stats dashboard and what I see - simple classic backgrounds like white hexagons are on top. But it won’t be interesting as a digital art. So, I feel a bit limited. Just imagined how cool it would be if Envato makes its own NFT gallery with manually curated works from VideoHivers and marketplaces. And I am sure with the huge amount of buyers Envato already have everyday, it will rapidly grow its NFT buyers. Any thoughts? :ok_hand: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. And you will make me rich :joy: :innocent:

Haha :smiley: except that you’ve forgot the fact the those backgrounds are there in fact to make them rich while not doing a thing… so I think you have a conflict of interest. (also you might have noticed that the word your interest doesn’t have any room in this reply) :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :beers:

And why not to spread a bit to NFT market? Or to digital art market? No need even to NFT as technology or collaborate with all those cryptocurrencies stuff, artworks can be traded with current card or paypal payments, and some kind of new extended exclusive license. All is required is just a new curated marketplace website and some stuff there submitted and aproved by authors.

Making an NFT is a good idea for authors and buyers who love to collect art but i doubt this will happen. They are completely different markets and authors who do not pay VAT and sales taxes, in the case of envato it might be difficult.

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