New Item Copyright Concern !! 🤔

Hello Forum Members,

Today I have notice this item have approved :wink::wink:

But I’m concern about this item ownership, I was known this item woner was " Digiphic Studio " :thinking::thinking:

Good find, so i did some research and that envato username :Eighth_Studio. Eighth_Studio did not make that, He maybe changed the thumbnail preview and that’s it or nothing at all.

He downloaded it from youtube user : Music 4 After Effect through a link

Also this youtube is notorious uploading the same thing username Indra Ibrahim:

I am not sure what license it is, but somehow it is free to download. I can’t look it all up, there is just to many and i am not familiar with video hive items, so i hope Envato team see this message if they can do some research on some of these youtube video’s.

I watched some video’s and most are promotion link video’s to the original envato link. But it can’t hurt to keep an eye out to some video’s which are suspicious.

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yes i also think so :blush:

When I am trying to get to the author name digiphic nothing appear, may be the author disable his account and make a new one eighth studio and add the same item, Don’t you think so ?


Hi. I searched for “digiphic studio” and I found this:
So clearly something is happening here :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Is this a copyright infringement to claim?
Or maybe it´s what @HardEdgeie said?

I guess this is what happened. Item has a sale already

You can report findings like this to support, they will take a look at it then.

Maybe this is not " Digiphic Studio " account because she was from United Arab Emirates, but
Eighth_Studio have come from India


Many fake accounts located in UAE and run by some Indians
as I thought …
With my respect to Indians

Who´s gonna be the first to present a DMCA take down notice? Anybody? Or just wait for moderators to see this topic? :thinking:

I made some search online and I found that
The owner of digiphic is Sadaf Taherian from Iran
And I predicate [Eighth_Studio] is a new account for the same person
What do you think ???

What a mess!!

Most important thing here is…Is there a copyright infringement or not?

a DMCA can only be sent by the party who represents or is itself the rightful owner of the copyrighted work that got copied.

In this case, only digiphic can sent a DMCA. However, you can still show this to support and they will take a look at this and then decide what to do.

Discussing this in the forums is not the right place as everything is just assumptions here. If you want to spend your time doing something useful in this matter, contact support.

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Making a help ticket?

Yes, exactly :slight_smile:

No, as I think, the same work for the same person or company

Mentioning copyright and that´s it?

Presenting the case as it got presented here.

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I am agree with @GoForMotion and @Creattive