Hey, alright...

Update : Me and the author talked a bit and he decided it’s best to remove his item and focus on original work from now on.

topic closed!

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Oh dude, this sucks. I feel for you. Hope this will get sort out soon. Hang in there

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No man, I think you´re wrong. DFX item is totally different…you wrote TEXT INTERSTITIAL and he/she wrote TEXT INTERESTOTIAL :shushing_face::grin:
Check again :flushed:


Hahahaha that one slipped :laughing:

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any also yours in red and he is blue. He may be thought no one look after his fraud. balck SHeeep

He went the extra step to change the color, but not the preview soundtrack :grin:

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Well I mean c’mon, do you expect for him to do all the work?


Well it’s not stealing… Sorry, but the models are different in detail. I know conception and rest off all seemd to be pretty similar but it’s not steal or copy even . I do not see copyrights violation here.
Unless, you own patent rights reserved for the style of animation and design concepts.

I know it’s sucks, but i make Ink logo reveal, and after me there waas 100 different simillar logos revealer with ink effects, so they are Copy/Steal ? Nope. This is Idea, here i see someone do own models. And the inspiration was Voxyde project.

Beside Voxyde selling pack of this models on his site from this project, so when someone buy this files can use it for commercial use or not ?

But i think author of "pseudo less quality “copy” get inspired with High quality Voxyde work, and do sometihn simillar.

No man :sweat_smile: there is just a resemblance.

@Voxyde contact the support team and let them judge :slightly_smiling_face:

And perfectly matched camera movements xd)) There are lots of points which make me think that author bought Voxyde’s project, slightly remade it and uploaded. They are too similar in lots of factors. Movements, Compositions, Functionality, Preview, Models even music. Some parts are 100% copy.

If he was inspired by Voxyde’s work but hadn’t better visuals concept in his mind so he could at least randomize camera movements which shouldn’t be hard for him as he created by himself with inspiration from Voxyde’s item xd

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Nothing is original. Every artist is stealing from the environment around him…no one came up with arts that not Inspired by something around him, but the good artist who remix and re-imagine to discover his own path of creativity. But as I can see between the 2 projects is what we call it copying not inspirational from other arts

Yes I did put the models up for sale as clients kept asking to buy them. But whoever bought the models did so in order to create NEW scenes or extend existing scenes, that they would later sell to their clients.

I thought it was pretty obvious that “buying the models and recreating the template shot for shot” is not allowed, but I’ll guess I’ll have to add that specific disclaimer.

I don’t believe you have the right comparison with the ink reveal also. An ink reveal is pretty specific, and because of the constraints of the idea, all ink reveals will inevitably look the same. As such, it could fit more into a category/style type “ink reveal” (such as fire reveal, electric reveal etc).

The category/style in my case is 3D Sports Broadcast, and is an incredibly broad style that can have 1000 different projects all looking entirely different, as you’re not limited to the same constraints as other projects. And yet these 2 projects ended up looking the same. Which is why I believe the project falls under “copied entirely” rather than “inspired by”, like other authors on this thread pointed out.

Omg… Slight resemblance…
I contacted the author privately and asked him politely to take it down, but didn’t answer. So I ended up filing the DMCA.

But if this guy gets away with this…

I can’t do anything about it hehe, if the staff decides to reject my DMCA then so be it. Everybody will move on with their lives. It’s kinda funny to see a bootleg version of your template on the same marketplace

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Wish you luck, Mate!

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@Voxyde I hope you manage to remove that copy of your template but even if you don’t I’m sure he will never be anything nearly as successful as you.
Off topic: I love your tutorials on Youtube. Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Yep I agree, in the end they only hurt themselves.

Thanks man! Cool to hear you like the tutorials :), I’ve seen some of your stuff and I really appreciate the originality, hope to see more!

I see this same movment camera, i see simillar style, but models even from your package are different, like someone create own models inspirated by your work, we can’t talk about copy/stealing. Better is copy idea. NOt stealing project with different customization. And to be clear i’m not on side of this author. It’s not fair to do such a thing… I know your work and i know you put many time and heart to create. But it’s i tihnk it’s slick to up copyrights in this case. Idea / movement / style are the problem, but models are different, quality is poor in this “copy”… And It’s Element 3D project not prerendered. If this author in past buy froy you your porject do modification and sell, this will be a case of copyright violation.

It’s hurt but it’s poor ethics of this author, and he don’t do nothing good and innovative. :frowning:

I agree with you. I still think however it’s a pretty good case for copyright infringement, but I will accept any outcome the staff decides, whether it’s in my favor or his.

While the models can be used, there are a few assets (2D graphics on top of models) that look like they were straight stolen from the original project, so there’s also that.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with the DMCA. Thanks for your input @GrafiX !

You have right we should wait what happens. I wish you all the best with this case i know how it hurts.

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