Videohive author using my music improperly

Hi fellow VideoHivers!

Recently I came across this VideoHive item by Egro (I can’t tag him here for some reason) that is using my music and there’s no link to my Audiojungle track. In fact, he doesn’t even mentions my name in the description and has not answered to any of my PM or comments in the item. Quite disappointing I have to say.

Is there any way to get in touch with the author of the video? Otherwise, I’d prefer he doesn’t use my work on his item without even crediting me.

Thanks in advance!

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Have you attempted to reach out to him to ask him to provide a link to your item in the description?

Any author that uses an AJ item (or any 3rd party asset for that matter) in the preview needs to provide an attribution link, so this does need to be resolved. The best way to go about that would be to reach out to him directly and kindly ask him to make sure all of his items include attribution links.

If you’re unable to reach him via email, please contact Envato Support and it will be handled accordingly.

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Hi @MotionRevolver! Thanks for the swift response!

As I mentioned, I did try to reach the author of the video by all means, even commenting on the item (and in other of his latest items too). Sadly he didn’t reply to any of my messages. As far as I could see, none of his videos credit the authors of the music he uses so I’ll definitely contact support to see if they can help me and the other unmentioned composers with this issue.

Thx again! :slight_smile:


Hi, WormwoodMusic!
Most likely he is on indefinite vacation :slightly_smiling_face:, the last video was uploaded in March.
That’s right, try contacting Envato support. :wink:

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