New Elements Support options

Hi, I would like to ask Envato for extra support option.

I am using some of the plugins in wordpress that are available on elements. Sometimes I need support. But for support from the creators of the plugin, I have to purchase the plugin. I think this is unfair. I think we should have an option to purchase support for 6 months a about $10. Or something fair.

What do you think? Otherwise most of the plugins are useless and we are forced to purchase the plugin.

Many thanks

It is highly unlikely to happen for two reasons:

  1. there has to be a differentiation between the full items (supported and with updates) and Elements downloads, for things to work, otherwise, the incentive is not there for authors to create items at all which in turn will create a negative impact on buyers/subscribers

  2. this would only work if updates were included too, i.e. what if the support issue is caused by out of date versions… This further devalues the point/likelihood if full item sales

Thank you for your comments;
1 - Updates are always there, as the plugins are updated with the latest version on elements being a bit late. But elements still does get the latest version.
2 - Then you would wait for the latest version to arrive. But, if the plugin is causing issues because of updates, then this should be addresses by envato anyway, as we have a plugin with errors and not working properly.
3 - It’s extra revenue for the creators.

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  1. Not necessarily the case and only if the author chooses to update it.

  2. In this case Envato might remove the plugin but they can’t force the author to update it or support it

  3. Not necessarily. There would need to be enough of a difference between the full price and the $10 charge to make it worth a buyer choosing that option. If this existed then the potential reduction of people buying the full copy would quickly add up against the author.

I am not suggesting that it is not a nice idea - I just think that it would intrude too much on the need/ability to differentiate between elements and the full marketplaces

There isn’t that many wp plugins to be honest. The few that are on there, there should be some support, as sometimes the documentation is out of date. Most of the time the support is only for minor issue. I am stuck now because although I have the plugin in elements and it is the latest version, it has a problem. I think it is a minor issue. But to get support, I have to purchase the plugin. That to me does not sit well.

I think there should be some level of support or a small fee for extra support to the plugin creators.

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I agree with this completely. There should be some form of support for issues that are caused by the plugin/theme itself and not something the customer did wrong on their end.

Envato should enforce a minimum WordPress compatibility version in order to keep the theme/plugin active. Some of the items available on Elements are way out of day and not even usable. Wordpress dot org can do this for their free offerings on their site, Envato can afford to do this for something people are paying for.

I had to purchase the plugin because I needed support. So I purchased the plugin and decided to install it. It’s different already. What I got from Elements and what I purchase is different. Really weird.
At first when I went through the documentation for the plugin, I couldn’t find all the settings and the plugin was not working properly. With the purchase version, it all works and follows exactly as the plugin documentation.
This is really not good. Is envato allowing the developers to add different version or something on Elements?
Not sure if I should contact envato and raise concerns. What do you think?