new design

hi everyone, I want to know your opinions in this design and is it fit to sell it in GraphicRiver.
Is the design good?


Doesn’t look bad. I like your idea. But your card is a little bit busy and cramped. You can leave more space around elements. Use some modern / trendy icons. Rework the mountains / hills shapes.


Thanks DesignSomething for important tips and notes. :heartpulse:

hi i think as @DesignSomething as far as the busy aspect of what u have here … but for me apart from the space and lay out and organization issue , i do not feel there is anything wrong about illustrations … i just tend to believe that the problem is more likely that all is cramped and as such a “suffocating feeling” is coming out of what u have here … the logo in the logo side is not well positioned and should be more valued as the brand is the thing to be valued , as u can easily understand …
wherever u have texts, think about having some breathings indeed, this is dramatically lacking at this stage … this ruins what u have done here … and same gores with wrong color previews by the way … if i were u i would clearly skip the red version that is just not working in my opinion … the black one is the most beautiful and the blue one is very fair but the red one is really not necessary unless u want to jeopardize yourself lol. As mentioned by @DesignSomething the icons are too flat … and for me the logo that u are having is not helping u in terms of organization and spacing … u’d better choose a logo with “3lines” rather than having a vertical organization of the illustration side …

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Thanks n2n44 for important tips and notes, Your feedback is very important and I will correct mistakes