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LOL pls keep in mind that the card category is one of the most difficult ones … at this stage color combinations are far from being inspired and harmonious. The typo part is definitely too flat , not to mention that the alignment of texts is strange to say the least, why don’t u flag on the left and follow icons instead? have a look at what happens with the address … u have good alignment for all information but the address smply because this is not the same style and the text takes more space. For me italic is completely off and this makes things belong to another century if u ask me … icons are too plain and not in the right color in my view. But most importantly, as this is one of the most crucial parts, the “fake logo” that u have for the preview definitely need more attention so that it looks impressive rather than just fill a blank just like what happens at this stage, pls keep in mind that all details matter and that this is how you make your whole work look attractive , too

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i really advice u to spend a lot of time watching tutos, to have a look and analyze what other guys do so that u try to identify what is working and what is not and most importantly why things are working, then keep on creating as much as possible to develop your skills

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I completely agree with the points that n2n44 said, and I also have a few points of my own.

  • The square part of the logo is lined up differently in each of it’s appearances. If you flip between the first two images, you can see the squares move, but the text stays still.

  • A lot of typos in the text, you should make sure to spell things correctly, because most customers won’t take your item seriously if there’s lots of spelling mistakes. (Genaral = General, yourwebside = yourwebsite, Postel = Postal, facvebook = facebook).

  • Just stay away from neon colours as a primary colour, especially when making something “professional”.

  • All of your text looks pixelated, you should use some anti-aliasing. Look at the image below to see where you can change this. You probably have yours set to “None”.

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this is ok

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i also agree with what u said indeed
but i have a question for u , is it possible in the end to use social medias real names, icons and so on pls?

Yes, I believe that’s okay. As long as you’re not profiting directly from their brand/company, such as selling a Facebook icon, branding your item as a product of Facebook, etc.

There’s a more comprehensive guide to using social media icons HERE :slight_smile: