evanto quality????????

Is something wrong with my cards?

why so strict? :pensando:

I’m sure n2n44 will be here any minute to give you some constructive criticism, but in the meantime I’ll give you my two cents.

I actually like it, I think it looks creative, eye catching, and sleek, but keep in mind that business cards is one of the hardest category’s to get accepted in, due to oversaturation. Because I don’t have a problem with the quality of this item, I’m taking a wild guess that maybe there were too many business cards submitted around the same time you did, and the reviewer had already seen a lot of them before yours, so to avoid filling the home page with cards, they could have just rejected it. Like I said, that’s just a wild guess and only one possible scenario. It seems to be impossible to tell if your item will get accepted or not, at least when you submit to a very popular category like this.

Quick edit:
I think some of the text looks a little tightly packed, try giving them some breathing room.

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Thank you so much for your answer,
I’ll keep trying other things on the site, I love creating :heart:

sorry for my English.
I am Brazilian

buom dia :slight_smile: indeed, i like the base of your work but indeed, there are things that u definitely need to do to take your work to the next level in my view. First of all, if i were u i would just put the crossing line straight instead of having it slantwise. The idea is original , no doubt but this is bringing some negative things to the table as regard to balance and organisation , i u ask me. Among others, this makes your logo look uneven or being sort of misplaced. the spacing is thus not the same from the edge of the big crossing stripe indeed, and this impact the harmony and alignment side of the lay out.

this is just an idea, but as for i think that your logo, even if this is a fake one just made for the preview, should contrast more with the background u could opt for choosing not as many colors and keep it colourful , or, option 2, put in white color and make sure this is springing out, thus introducing a plain color on the name of the company for instance or on the tagline

still on the second card , i think that name and fonction are not “outstanding enough”, maybe editing the font would help. i would rather by the way use the colourful small line u placed as a divider between name and function

u also have a major issue to fix, as u are violating one of the basic design principles, i.e: alignment , u have texts flagged on the right, some other on the left , the eye gets lost out of this changing flag way … this gives a feeling of disorder too. This is how putting back the big crossing stripe would help u to have everything better arranged so to speak

this second card is the one i like best , persosnally

-> first card now

u have something to fix. The name is too close from the edge and this is preventing the card and text to “breath”. Second of all , something rings in my mind. U have some yellow in one side (which is prominent by the way) and there is no yellow at all in the other side. It looks strange visually. U can choose to introduce some in the other one or take it out where u have it …
for me the “address book effect” on the sideway is too much , it doesn’t really make sense with the rest of the style u have, i would rather make a system of discontinued stripes where u place the texts and information u could chose to have part of the lines the same color as the book and continue the other part of lines with the colors u used. I hope i could make myself clear but this is a bit hard to explain …

if u ask me i think that the address book thing u did here is very good but not in this context and i would personally rather use it as a basis for another design revolving around this element …

u are right buddy this is a very tough category. This one and logo are in my opinion the toughest of all tough categories , as they all , more or less have turned difficult categories in time … and , this is true, bringing something ew to the table is really not this easy to say the least

Wow! it is extremely gratifying to receive such a high level response, this will help me a lot!
I’m still young as design has not even started 1 year,
I am very grateful for your response.
Thank you!!!

yes, you are right. i totally agreed with you man.


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u have a good potential , keep doing your best buddy and focusing on the quality of what u do , in time you will learn more and more and take your level up again :slight_smile: if u are liking my response, u can check the “solution found” right next to my comment :slight_smile:

i am happy that u are :slight_smile:

buddy do not forget to fix it, ok? this would be very bad to lose the potential of your item … u just need a small extra effort and i am sure that it can go through :slight_smile:

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