Need your opinion! (Hard rejection)

This music track got rejected.
Could you please help me and say what is wrong with this composition? Need your feedback!

Thank you so much!

to me the drums are too loud. The mix sounds a bit muddy and overcompressed. The composition is ok, but a bit repetetive and the instrumentation is rather simple. This is of course just my opinion :slight_smile:

Hi ! Composition very catchy ! This track must be remix and resubmitted because it’s beautiful ! And Yes here we have three main and one minor mistakes. Main: 1. Instruments EQ ( All instruments conflict with each other because they occupy the entire frequency spectrum) 2. Instruments balance (drums too loud) 3. Arrangement: I think it is worth adding at least one more tool … maybe violin. Minor: AJ Logo too loud :smile: Good Luck ! :blush:

Thank you all for your feedback!