Need your opinion for rejected track.

Can someone tell me the possible reason why this track was rejected. I’m a necomer on jungle, but it’s not the first my track that wasn’t allowed. I will be glad to any opinion. Thanks.
"This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard."

Actually open hats are not very good in the mix, i mean not good for it, but otherwise not bad. Maybe because of hats was rejected. Also advise to read that article.

Wish success mate :slight_smile:

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the only problem i hear is the delay in the harmonics must be more dynamic, work on that, plus is very loud, work on your mixing.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

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I think the melodies get a little busy at times, maybe it draws too much attention for a corporate track? That’s my guess but I’m still learning the market here myself :slight_smile:

Couldn’t hurt to try slimming down the arrangement a bit and see what happens.

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Thank you all for choosing the time to listen to my track. All the messages are very useful to me.

I just think that there are too many tracks in this genre.