Need to think outside Envato? 10 days for approval 45 days for getting paid?

Why it takes 10+ days for item to approve? are the stuff of evento too lazy or they do not get paid?

I can see item submitted after me also got approved but mine is still in pending?

Who all have moved out of evento?

Out of interest how do you know items were submitted after you?

While review time does depend on things like the category etc. More often than not delays are caused by things beyond envato’s control and which make it impossible to plan for

Likewise with payments - in a marketplace the size of here it is reasonable to have a single payout date each month. It certainly wouldn’t be 45 days (could easily be more or less) depending on sales/pay out method etc. Again - all outside of envato’s control

Sorry, I think you are in the wrong forum. This is Envato, not evento.


An item can be take more than 10 days and also can be taken more tan a month if the item don’t fix all issues mentioned in the soft reject. envato always take care of quality. if you mean first review time 10+ days then as an author need to know review time depends on the volume of queue, weekend, holidays etc.

As an author should to know and have experience that envato make auto payment each month 15th of the day based on the last month minimum balance for withdraw. So, any author can get paid each month (around 30-35 days time cycle).

Haven’t seen that yet in codecanyon.
So far, it was always within the timeframe specified here when a product was submitted: